• State Police will enforce bicycle violations on Route 1

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    From Channel 21 Website

    – In an effort to reduce the incidents of motor vehicle crashes involving cyclists in our community, Delaware State Police Troop 7 will increase its focus on bicycle violations along the Route 1 corridor between the 5 points intersection and Route 1-A north of Rehoboth Beach.

    This initiative will include school resource officers that have been redeployed to assist Troop 7 for summer patrols, troop administrative patrols and the utilization of the DSP motorcycle unit for increased enforcement efforts.

    In addition to strict enforcement, the initiative will include the distribution of educational materials to cyclists explaining their duties and obligations when sharing the roads with motorists. Troopers will distribute bicycle lights and/or helmets to cyclists who are found to be riding without these essential safety devices.

    The troopers will also pass out incentives supplied through the assistance of the Sussex Cyclists in the form of gift certificates to various local shops and restaurants in an effort to reward those cyclists who are obeying the rules of the road and operating their bicycles in a safe manner.

    Comment – This is great except that any successful enforcement campaign needs to include motorists that violate traffic laws. One University of Pennsylvania Police officer described catching bicycle violators is like “shooting fish in a barrel”, catching motorists illegal behavoir is much more difficult.


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