• Pomeroy Trail Funded in New Transportation Bill!

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    Well today is a new day and the Pomeroy Trail is back from the dead. Thanks to the hard work of Senator Tom Carper $4.7 million was appropriated for the Pomeroy Trail in the soon to be passed transportation bill (awkwardly called SAFETEA-LU)

    The project would use an abandoned rail line to build a bike/pedestrian route connecting the new Newark Train station, the James Hall Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail, the planned Newark Transit Hub, downtown Newark and White Clay Creek State Park. There is also $1 million to improve pedestrian and bicycle access at the University of Delaware-Newark. The money would construct a 360-foot-long bike/pedestrian bridge that will traverse the ravine between the central and Laird Campus.

    Kudos to Senator Carper who also co-sponsored the failed complete streets amendment.


    2 Responses to Pomeroy Trail Funded in New Transportation Bill!

    1. E. C. Mitchell
      December 13, 2011 at 6:09 pm

      Hooray! have been waiting and watching for this Pomeroy Trail. I use the James Hall often. E.C. Mitchell

    2. June 15, 2014 at 12:18 pm

      I agree with several cmtneoms that safety is key, necessitating Class 1 bikeways. Recently completing a study on bikeways under jurisdiction of the Orange County Transportation Authority, I understand the popularity of such off street avenues for bikes. Under study, I’m sure bike routes will be placed where the need is, yet I feel that many municipalities do not take the time or use current methods for communicating with the community.Luckily Pomona is. Using social media, and possibly a GPS tracking program or some page for people to post the routes they actually ride or would ride can help in optimizing the streets and routes that cyclists will use. Instead of forcing bikes to take awkward routes, they should take priority over vehicles and make efficient direct routes for bikes available. That shift in planning mentality will be the most beneficial to the City of Pomona as it shifts towards sustainable future, and a bicycle and pedestrian oriented city.Goolge maps(labs) has a feature where you can track your route using a smart phone and share it with people. This could be useful in your planning efforts.

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