• Indian River Bridge Rescoping May Threaten Pathway

    by  • October 5, 2005 • Transportation Trails • 0 Comments

    From Chris Law

    An article in Tuesday’s News Journal on the the proposed Indian River Bridge has been put on hold due to the fact that the only bidder on the project bid over the projected cost. DelDOT designs are going back to the electronic drafting boards. Some quotes as to their direction are:

    “Some lawmakers, such as Georgetown Republican Rep. Joseph W. Booth, said they hope Hayward takes a look at paring back some of he frills on the project and come back with a cheaper bridge.”

    “An amendment to the Bond Bill had been drafted that would have frozen the project if bids had come in substantially over estimates and DelDOT would have been ordered to re-engineer a stripped-down version of the span.”

    In an accompanying picture, a pedestrian/bike path is featured in the original proposal. Any bets on if this gets considered an unnecessary frill?


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