• DelDOT to Shut Out Bikes and Peds During Route 1 Construction

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    Construction of Route 1 from Route 9 to Route 24 is scheduled from March 2006 to the spring of 2007 so it will affect two summer seasons. There are no provisions planned for bicycles and pedestrians. DART instead will offer free bus passes to seasonal workers on the route 1 corridor during construction (Bus service runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day only).

    The project will create 3 lanes and a 10 – 15 foot shoulder which will be a shared bike bus lane. Sussex Cyclists have argued that buses should return to the travel lanes and the shoulder should be designated as a bike lane (note that there was a collision between a bike and DART bus in July).

    The lack of accommodations for bikes and pedestrian in construction is a violation of MUTCD safety guidelines policy and it seems that FHWA local office may be going along with it.

    The needs and control of all road users (motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians within the highway, including persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Title II, Paragraph 35.130) through a TTC zone shall be an essential part of highway construction, utility work, maintenance operations, and the management of traffic incidents.

    MUTCD Chapter 6G. Type Of Temporary Traffic Control Zone Activities
    Section 6G.01 Typical Applications

    This will exacerbate the existing problem of wrong way riding in the Northbound shoulder and illegal crossings of the highway (which resulted in a critical injury this summer).

    Substituting bus service for bike travel is wildly short sighted.
    For example:

    *  Many people do not live within 1/4 mile from a bus stop.
    *  Service is every 30 minutes but after 9 it only runs every hour
    *  The 1000+ bike trips per day riding on route 1 is about 1/3 of the bus services current ridership switching from bike to bus will likely strain capacity.
    *  What does DART plan to do for the shoulder season when bus service is extremely limited (every 2-3 hours weekdays only).
    *  An inconvenient transfer at the Rehoboth Park and Ride can add another 5 – 30 minutes to a bus trip.


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