• DelDOT more concerned about Fender Benders than cyclists lives

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    From the Wilmington News Journal December 15th Article

    No room for bicyclists

    Traffic has moved relatively smoothly on Del. 1 for the past two years even with the summer crowds. But conflicts are growing between motorists and people who ride bikes along the roadway — both for pleasure and to commute to and from work. Though the new traffic lane will be added, there is no plan to build a dedicated bikeway, Spadafino said.

    Mike Tyler, an avid cyclist from Lewes, said he is concerned cyclists aren’t included in the improvement project — especially since so many people on bikes use the busy highway and the injury and accident rate among cyclists has gone up over the previous two summers.

    Tyler said he believes Del. 1 should be treated like an urban arterial roadway.

    Spadafino said the highway is becoming more and more urbanized and that is one reason for the improvements.

    Adding a dedicated cyclist lane would be costly, said Darrell Cole, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation.

    By one state estimate, the cost of obtaining a 4-foot right of way would be $20 million, he said.

    “That’s just a stunning number,” he said. “I don’t think a bike lane is possible.”

    One goal of the improvements is to reduce the number of rear-end collisions between motor vehicles, Spadafino said.

    So let me get this straight, the safety of bicyclists is too costly to deal with but millions will be spent so peak season motorists can save a few minutes and reduce rear end collisions?

    Mike Tyler’s comments in the News Journal were not fully realized by Mr. Spadafino. Designing a road to Urban Arterial Standards means lower speeds, narrower lanes (which would provide space for a bike lane) and it would compel DelDOT to finally address the pedestrian crossing issue.


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