• DelDOT: Bicyclists and Pedestrians are Second Class Citizens

    by  • July 11, 2006 • Maintenance, Safety, Transportation Trails • 0 Comments

    According to an article in the News Journal

    PROBLEM: It might not be so bad if you’re walking. But if you’re riding your bicycle along the path in Ogletown, you’ll encounter a jarring 4- to 6-inch pothole near the Harmony Road intersection. “It’s been like this for years,” said an area resident who uses the path. It’s a “major safety/tripping hazard and could easily cause a bicyclist to crash.”

    WHO’S RESPONSIBLE: The Delaware Department of Transportation is reviewing its records to determine who is responsible for maintaining the path. Agency workers checked the adjacent highway last week and determined it was unaffected by the sinkhole. Since the pothole isn’t posing a problem for highway traffic, repairs would have a lower priority if DelDOT is responsible, said agency spokesman Mike Williams.

    DelDOT public relations people will use buzz words like “multi-modal” and boast about everything that they are doing for bicycles.. However Mr. Williams comments makes it clear that many in the rank and file believe that those who choose to walk or bicycle should be treated as second class citizens. Maintenance should be a routine part of the ENTIRE transportation system.

    DelDOT is well aware that complaints to their hotline give them “due notice” and that ignoring the needed repairs on the path could expose them to a lawsuit.


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