• Bad Del. 1 design puts beach bicyclists in danger

    by  • July 14, 2006 • Safety • 0 Comments

    From the News Journal – Our Readers View 07/14/2006

    Many beach workers do not have access to vehicles or public transportation to get to and from their places of employment. A bicycle is often their best alternative. Others would just like to be able to ride bikes near their beach home or while on vacation.

    Offering safety equipment and bike lights as part of a cycling safety program at the beach is a positive step. The Rehoboth-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, and other groups are to be commended for efforts to make bike riding in the area safer. Unfortunately, their best efforts will not overcome the Del. 1 design, a hostile environment for cyclists and pedestrians. The state Department of Transportation’s planning of the road system leading to the beach has resulted in traffic jams, frequent accidents, and a place that sensible cyclists and pedestrians fear.

    Cyclists should ride legally, defensively, and skillfully if they have to use the roads in this area. Still, they face a high probability of being injured or killed due to bad Del. 1 design. State transportation officials should work toward a solution to the infrastructure problem that they created.

    Jeff Butcher, Newark


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