• Route 1 Safety Checkpoint – July 21

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    Scores of cyclists were stopped on Route 1 as part of the ongoing Bicycle Safety Checkpoint Campaign hosted by Sussex Cyclists, DelDOT, Ocean Atlantic, and the State Police.

    Helmet usage remains low <10% but definitely higher than before. Return visitors found wearing helmets were given food coupons from Wendy's. Unfortunately we missed a few cyclists who were wearing the checkpoint issued helmets. Some commuters intentionally avoided the checkpoints by riding through the parking lots. When return cyclists without helmets went by (as indicated by the checkpoint installed bike lights) they often gave excuses for not wearing a helmet such as too hot, bad hair, bad luck. There have been no serious crashes reported in the past two weeks, casual observation found that some bus operaters were not passing safely and in one case a bus driver got on the loudspeaker to to tell the cyclist to get out of his way. The volume of turning vehicles always a problem is being aggravated with right turning vehicles cruising along the special use lane for distances up to a quarter mile, adding conflict points with bicyclists. Female commuting is high a bike count later that afternoon showed 50% of the riders were female. In Philadelphia the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia has found that women represent about 30% of the riders and in other locations it is less than that. Support for the education program in the area is high. Motorists would honk in support from time to time. More Photos on Flickr


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