• Add Your Wilmington Bike Route to This Map

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    As part of the development of the Wilmington Bicycle Plan, WILMAPCO is looking for routes that cyclists are currently take through the city. and if there are any outstanding features on the route that affects your ride. The more submissions we receive the better that they can prioritize corridors for recommended improvements.

    To do this you need to do 3 things.
    1 – Draw the route on a Google Map,
    2 – Save the route online
    3 – Send the URL of the file to john@bicyclecoalition.org or leave it in the comments section of this post.

    Using GMAP Pedometer
    You simply trace your route out and when you are finished click on Save Route and copy the resulting URL.

    If you are loyal to Bikely or Routeslip you can also use those sites.

    If You Have a GMAIL Account

    You can use the My Maps function for Google Maps. You click on the My Maps” tab and select “create a new map”. You can then trace your route, as well as enter placemarks to denote relevent features such as “dangerous intersection” or “pedestrian bridge”. Click on save map. Alternatively you can save the kml file and send it to us as an attachment.

    You can also use Google Earth by saving your drawing as a kml or kmz file.

    This map will be updated as needed, so check back for new routes.

    And if all of this is map technology is making your head spin? Don’t worry WILMAPCO will also be printing paper maps in which you can trace your route. More on that to come later.


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