• Erosion of Bicycle Facilities in the Newark Area

    by  • October 1, 2008 • Maintenance, Transportation Trails • 0 Comments

    DelDOT crews are replacing a block-long section of the Rt.72 MUP with a narrower sidewalk, in the area across from Spalco truck rentals. As of this writing, they have laid the wood framing but not yet poored the concrete. It’s about 4′ wide, much narrower than the MUP or what’s required for one. This is now the 3rd bike facility (decrepit as it is) in the area being replaced with something no longer designated or usable by cyclists.

    • College Ave bike lane markings (over RR in Newark) not replaced after rehab.
    • Elkton Road bike lane markings still not replaced after concrete repair and shoulder rehab.
    • Route 72 MUP dilapidated, usable only on an aggressive mountain bike, now being replaced with a sidewalk only about 2/3 as wide.


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