• DelDOT trims fat from Salem Church/Rt.40 pork chop

    by  • July 20, 2009 • Traffic Control • 0 Comments

    Bike Delaware has long maintained that concrete islands (aka “Pork Chops”) are being designed as obstacles to a cyclist’s right of way through intersections. They add a further danger where most accidents/incidents already occur. DelDOT has recognized this, and is seen taking action in accordance with the State’s Bicycle Policy. It also sets the foundation for Complete Streets, coming in September.

    II Policy, Paragraph 3: “The continuity of existing paved shoulders shall be maintained at the widest possible width. The desirable width of 5-ft (1.5m ) travel way on the shoulder shall be maintained for bicycle use unless exceptional circumstances occur that require emergency operational safety improvements that compromise this width. If the width of a paved shoulder area must be compromised to less than four feet, the area shall be appropriately marked as a hazard for bicyclists and the Department shall concurrently nominate a project that will result in the restoration of appropriate accommodations for bicycle travel”.

    Read the Bike Policy HERE. Report dangerous pork chops to Anthony Aglio, Bike/Ped Coordinator. Check out our updated Issues and Success pages.

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