• Green Delaware upgrades website, includes Bike Delaware

    by  • August 18, 2009 • Bike Delaware • 0 Comments

    Green Delaware launches a brand new, all inclusive website featuring all things Green in the 1st State! Included is transportation, and Bike Delaware is featured prominently.

    “Our new focus is to truly cover all aspects of going Green in the First State. Other sites and blogs I’ve seen tend to be more narrow (ie: mainly about alternative energy or focused on the holistic side of health). Not that those are bad by any means, we just wanted to pull every thing together. [The] plan is to eventually have enough content to breakout the cars, bikes and fuels into their own pages with the Transportation page being the parent page, with overviews and general transportation info”, said Lori Lake, Director.

    Check it out HERE. Attend a Green Drinks event HERE!


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