• Transportation Enhancements Under Attack!

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    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) is offering two amendments to the FY10 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill that will strike funding for transportation enhancements. The two amendments are S. Amendment 2370 and S. Amendment 2371. It was Mr. Coburn that ensured his own state designated 0% of stimulus funds toward clean, healthy transportation alternatives.

    The Transportation Enhancement program has provided between one-half and three-quarters of all Federal funding invested in bicycling and walking improvements in the last 20 years. More than $250 million is at stake in fiscal year 2010 – if Coburn’s amendment is successful it will affect hundreds of trail projects, sidewalks, bicyclist education programs, bike rack on bus programs, and roadway improvements for bicyclists.

    Please email our Senators immediately and urge them to vote NO on S. Amendment 2370 and S. Amendment 2371 to the FY10 transportation appropriations bill:

    Senator Tom Carper: http://carper.senate.gov/contact/
    Senator Ted Kaufman: Jim.Catella@mail.house.gov
    Rep. Mike Castle: Jeff.Dayton@mail.house.gov

    Head to our Take Action page for more . . .

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