• How would you enter College Square Shopping Center in Newark?

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    Incorrectly designed Pedestrian Refuge Islands (aka “Pork Chops”) are probably the #1 complaint from Delaware cyclists, and are a violation of DelDOT’s own Bicycle Policy. Anthony Aglio and Jennifer Baldwin, bicycle and pedestrian coordinators at DelDOT, have fought tirelessly on our behalf to ensure at least 4-5′ of shoulder remains at all times between the white line and concrete edge. Failure to do so forces cyclists to swerve into high speed lanes of traffic, or in this case an unnecessary share situation with often intolerant motorists. While some improvement has been noted, use of guidelines according to the AASHTO Greenbook (pdf) in the field remains questionable. It is very important that this and other aspects of the Complete Streets draft policy are scrutinized by Delaware cyclists during the public comment period (TBA).

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