• Survey results are in! See what almost 50 Delaware cyclists had to say

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    The simple 12 question, multiple-choice survey told us a lot about the opinions and experiences of Delaware cyclists who participated. Everything from deficient infrastructure and lack of facilities to motorist attitudes and behavior. And to those who were wondering, we are indeed reviewing all the comments very carefully, and they will be submitted to DelDOT and/or used for supporting data when advocating on our behalf. Full results HERE in pdf format.

    Among the most compelling, a strong majority indicated that bicycle facilities would bring them in greater compliance with traffic laws where now they may be unlikely. This falls in line with other national surveys and FHA studies indicating bicyclists prefer marked on-street bicycle lanes or sharrows. In addition, several real-time studies (where cyclists of varying abilities and backgrounds ride and assess actual routes and street conditions) have found that cyclists are more comfortable and assess a street as having a better level of service for them where such facilities are present. A reduction in scofflaw behavior would be a natural byproduct.

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