• Post-Summit Progress: Update from Anthony Aglio

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    Since the 1st Annual Bike Summit, we have seen Newark, Lewes, and the Greater Dover Region initiate or rekindle a bicycle committee, a bicycle plan or a bike friendly application. We have put a Complete Streets Policy on the Governor’s desk, campaigned to get a bike lane on the St. Georges Bridge (ongoing), are seeing progress in regard to getting better information into the drivers manual, have taught over 100 students safe cycling, have created a safe passing distance bill which looks promising, and persuaded DelDOT to develop a design guidance memorandum for pork chop islands. And we have much more to come with your help. This is a huge start if the governing bodies agree with the concept to make their communities more bike friendly. The City of Wilmington is still in limbo about the usefulness of bicycles, they need our encouragement.

    I believe that we are building momentum, and it is fine to be disgruntled or upset but don’t let it kill the momentum. We need to expand our partnerships and strengthen our commitment positively and persistently. Keep requesting facilities to be part of the process, advocate to your elected officials. There is room in the process for everyone. We need participation in cycling education programs for both cyclists and motorists, citizens to be involved with planning and zoning to require bicycle facilities and amenities, and of course involvement in the CTP, TIP and public meetings for road projects. It is the development of a different mindset and culture change, and active involvement by the cycling community is imperative.

    Contact Anthony Aglio, DelDOT’s Bicycle Coordinator at: Anthony.Aglio@state.de.us


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