• Don’t let federal Complete Streets legislation get run over

    by  • November 24, 2009 • Legislation and Policy • 0 Comments

    With a grossly disproportionate number of bicyclists and pedestrians killed every month in America, the desperate need for safe, “Complete Streets” in our communities is abundantly clear. In response to your emails and our advocacy, the Obama Administration is taking notice of the bike/ped safety crisis, but many in Congress have yet to make a stand on the issue. We need to demand safer streets from leaders in Washington. New roads should be built for all the people who use our streets – motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists – of every age and ability. Help make safer streets the law nationwide: Ask your representatives and senators to get vocal in support of the Complete Streets Act of 2009.

    Please use this convenient, pre-written letter automatically configured when you add your name and email address – there is no obligation except you consider informing others.

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