• 3 Foot Passing Law – The time to act is now!

    by  • December 7, 2009 • Legislation and Policy • 0 Comments

    The Delaware State Senate has already approved SB-168, but the House may be a more difficult sell. The need for written support from Delaware cyclists cannot be overstated. It is now time to start contacting members of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee to ensure its passage in both chambers. You can simply go HERE and open each committee member’s page, which includes their email address, and write an email expressing your support (be sure to mention the bill by number: SB-168). Please try to CC as many as possible, but if time is a factor, please consider emailing both the Chair, John L. Mitchell: john.l.mitchell@state.de.us, and Vice Chair, John C. Atkins: john.atkins@state.de.us at minimum.

    Some might think this is “another useless law that will never be enforced, why bother”. SB-168’s primary goal is further awareness of bicyclist’s legitimate participation in vehicular traffic, and to provide additional protections in car-bike altercations, incidents and/or accidents. We consider it critical to pass this bill, on our way toward Delaware becoming a bicycle-friendly state. Read about Rhode Island’s own version of the bill, now passed HERE

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