• Calling all DE Organizations – Sign on for Active Transportation!

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    Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) is the lead sponsor of the “Active Transportation Act of 2009”, which would direct the secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation to “carry out an active transportation investment program … to encourage a mode shift to active transportation within selected communities by providing safe and convenient options to bicycle and walk for routine travel. New Castle County, Delaware stands an excellent chance of of being selected, given WILMAPCO’s hard work and dedication in the creation of an Active Transportation in Northern Delaware (pdf) case statement. More information on the program from RTTC HERE.

    Rep. Blumenauer will soon be introducing the Act on the House floor. To aid his effort, RTC has authored a group sign-on letter and partnered with America Bikes to develop an impressive list of supporting organizations. Please consider having your organization and other local groups sign this letter, which Rep. Blumenauer can then use to bolster support for this legislation. Should Northern Delaware be selected, it could send as much as $50M our way for the enhancement of non-motorized transportation (bike infrastructure, paths, parking, etc).

    To sign the letter, an e-mail must be sent including the name and title of a representative from the signatory organization, including the corresponding city/county and state, to Kartik Sribarra at kartik@railstotrails.org by 12 p.m. EST next Friday, Dec. 18. There is no further obligation whatsoever!

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