• Has your organization signed on for Active Transportation? Friday 12/18 is the deadline!

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    As much as $50M could be made available to Delaware, for the purpose of facilitating clean, green, healthy transportation alternatives. All Delaware organizations with the purpose of reduced auto-dependence, healthier lifestyles and livable communities need to get on board. There are only 2 days left! Delaware stands an excellent chance of of being selected, given WILMAPCO’s hard work and dedication in the creation of an Active Transportation in Northern Delaware Case Statement. More information on the program from RTTC HERE.

    To sign the letter, simply send an email including the name and title of a representative from the signatory organization, including their city/county and state, to Kartik Sribarra at kartik@railstotrails.org by 12 p.m. EST this Friday, Dec. 18. Please spread the word! There is no further obligation whatsoever.


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