• Neighboring Elkton, Maryland Bike Plan: UPDATE

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    WILMAPCO is working with the Town of Elkton to develop a bicycle plan to expand the existing transportation system, support economic activity and growth, and improve quality of life for Town residents and visitors. The Elkton Bicycle Plan will introduce a proposed coordinated bicycle network, which will connect residents with surrounding neighborhoods, the downtown central business district, and other key destinations, along with improvements for bike facilities such as bike racks and signage. This Plan is being developed with the participation of an advisory committee comprised of Town, County and State officials, and citizen advocates. One key task in the planning process is identifying the network, in which cyclist’s input will be most valuable. Thus, those who bike in Elkton are encouraged to fill out a Field Worksheet and/or map the route (available online) that they take in and around Town. This input will help to identify improvements that can be made along bike routes, and will be used to better prioritize corridors for improvements. To give input, join the Advisory Committee or email Dave Gula: dgula@wilmapco.org for more information. This is your chance to help create some of the very first Bicycle Friendly Communities in the North East US, and it can only happen with cyclist participation.

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      Thanks for introducing a little rtaioanltiy into this debate.

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