• Blumenauer introduces Active Transportation, with or without Mike Castle

    by  • March 2, 2010 • Cool People, Federal Funding, Legislation and Policy • 0 Comments

    Washington, DC – Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore), Chair of the Livable Communities Task Force, introduced legislation on March 2 that will help communities improve active forms of transportation such as walking and biking. Through the Active Community Transportation (ACT) Act of 2010, communities can access funding for transportation options that improve community vitality, reduce global warming pollution, boost public health, and create jobs in the process.

    “Too often we take for granted the value of being able to bike and walk to work”, said Blumenauer. “It’s unfortunate that many communities don’t have the infrastructure in place to make active and healthy forms of transportation more accessible. The ACT transportation grants will make it easier for people to get out of their vehicles and onto sidewalks or bikes, boosting heart rates and community vitality”. The ACT Act provides funding to communities that are prepared to provide healthier, cost-effective, more environmentally friendly transportation options by establishing a $2 billion competitive grant program within the Department of Transportation. The grants will provide funding for communities to create active transportation networks that provide safe and convenient access for pedestrians and bicyclists. More . . .

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