• DelDOT Signal Technician to meet VP Honse at Brownleaf/Rt.273

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    After a recent pedestrian fatality, DelDOT is well aware that there are many problems on Brownleaf Road where it crosses Rt.273. One immediate safety improvement is an adjustment to the in-ground loop detection sensor, to ensure bicycles can be “seen” by the traffic signal. This intersection connects two active communities, and is found on Bike Route 1.

    Bike Delaware VP Caroline Honse, also a popular ride leader, has arranged to meet with a DelDOT technician who will perform the necessary tweaks on Thursday, May 20. This has been done before; a number of other intersections have been addressed, most notably Red Mill Road at Rt.273 thanks to Joe Petrucci. All are welcome to join them, one day before the Delaware Bike Summit! Lots of photos will be taken.

    The importance of signal detection for bicycles can’t be stressed enough. Failure to change from red to green often forces cyclists to run the light – sometimes through high speed traffic as found on Rt.273. What we will witness on May 20 is an increase made to the sensitivity, enough to guarantee bicyclists have a chance at a green if they align their bikes over the sensor.

    We also encourage DelDOT to make use of the MUTCD in the application of “Pavement Detector Markings” (below). This ensures bicyclists align themselves correctly over the loop sensor. Most, including motorists, are unaware of what this is – much less how to align themselves.

    Contact VP Honse with any questions: advo_info@bikede.org

    2 Responses to DelDOT Signal Technician to meet VP Honse at Brownleaf/Rt.273

    1. Fritz
      May 14, 2010 at 7:14 am

      I've always had problems with Bike Route 1 (imagine a state road that weaved around like that). But I guess the nice thing about it is that it gives you leverage in areas like this. Good luck on getting a change made and a safer intersection.

    2. Frank Warnock
      May 14, 2010 at 8:31 am

      Bike Rt.1 and those highlighted on the state bicycle map do get some better leverage.

      They also cut back a really bad pork chop on Salem Church at Rt.40 last year (check out label "pork chops and pinches", scroll down) so we're very thankful to DelDOT for these actions given heavy budget cuts. Anthony has really come through for us, as are several others over there with bike/ped safety in mind.

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