• Delaware cell phone ban starts Jan. 2

    by  • July 7, 2010 • Legislation and Policy • 0 Comments

    Only hands-free talking on a cell phone will be legal in Delaware starting Jan. 2. Forget texting or checking your calendar while at the wheel, too. Gov. Jack Markell started the clock Tuesday morning for the 180-day waiting period, when he signed the law making Delaware the eighth state to ban hand-held mobile phone use while driving. “We had too many people who were driving while distracted,” Markell said. “These new laws should be a deterrent. It should make people think twice”. While 29 other states prohibit texting and driving, Delaware lawmakers opted to join a smaller group that prohibits all phone use behind the wheel. The ban also applies to electronic games, PDAs and laptops. Drivers will not be permitted to compose text, read text or surf the Internet. Full article in Wilmington News Journal.

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