• DelDOT: Gen Y Puts Brakes on Car Ownership – Looks to Public Transit

    by  • December 2, 2010 • Demographics • 0 Comments

    Press Release – The American youth-driven obsession with cars goes way back to well before rebels were without causes. And it has transmogrified over the years from muscle cars to vans to the import-craze that has fueled franchises like Hot Import Nights and the rise of drifting in the U.S. But a new survey suggests the engine could be stalling out.

    A study by Washington, D.C.-based KRC Research — commissioned by car-rental company Zipcar — says half of all 18- to-34-year-old drivers are driving less, and nearly two-thirds would drive less if alternative transportation options were available.

    KRC Research, which conducted the survey of licensed drivers last month, found that 45% of Millennials said they had “consciously made an effort to reduce how much they drive,” and 64% said they would drive less if alternative options including public transportation, car sharing or carpooling were available in their area [sadly, there is no mention of complete streets or land use considerations, which in itself would have a substantial impact]

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