• Core trail, walking and bicycling programs miss the axe – for now

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    From our friends at the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC):

    Core programs for trails, walking and bicycling are safe… for now!

    Speak up to keep trail programs around for years to come.

    Post a short comment—or more—on this Facebook discussion!

    Or, read more now, then take action.

    Some very welcome news from an especially challenging situation:

    Earlier this week, RTC alerted us to a possible attack on trail funding, but they are pleased to share that no cuts were made to core trail, walking and bicycling programs during this week’s congressional amendment process!

    This is a heartening development, as our programs have been fiercely targeted in the past and many worthy programs are on the chopping block. We believe these programs were spared because of the groundwork you helped to lay over the past years to foster appreciation of trail, walking and bicycling investments. Thank you so much for your strong trail and active transportation advocacy!

    But, we’re not unscathed, and we have an important opportunity for you to help keep these critical programs safe:

    AASHTO—a powerful voice in the federal transportation debate—is turning to the millions of Americans on Facebook to provide their thoughts on transportation priorities. We encourage everyone who has an opinion on active transportation improvements to stop by AASHTO’s “I Told Congress” discussion page and leave a comment to influence future transportation priorities!

    Please speak up for trails, walking and bicycling on Facebook now.

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    Other Programs Still Under Attack

    While the above is good news for our core programs, many other valuable programs are still in danger as budget debates continue. These include newer programs that have would benefit trails, like TIGER and Community Transformation Grants.

    Also alarming, an amendment to gut the very popular Land and Water Conservation Fund—which has funded trails and other preservation efforts—was narrowly defeated by a nail-biting 213-216 vote last night!

    We’ll be posting the results of upcoming critical votes on our Facebook page. Follow us at www.facebook.com/railstotrails to stay informed (and don’t forgot to comment on AASHTO’s discussion page while you’re there!). And be assured that we will continue to monitor and defend the programs that make local trails and active transportation opportunities possible.

    Thank you for this week’s victory, – Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

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