• First Salmon Signs Appearing in Delaware

    by  • April 30, 2011 • Education, Traffic Control • 0 Comments

    Bike Salmon beware! DelDOT has you square in their sights. The first wrong-way bicycling signs have made their debut, this one found recently on Salem Church Road in Bear. The City of Newark is also moving forward with the sign at strategic points along Main Street and Delaware Avenues, to try and discourage riding “upstream”.

    Riding facing traffic remains a prevalent problem for a number of reasons. These include a fear of distracted or hostile motorists overtaking from behind, confusing bicycle laws with that of pedestrians, coming from another country with reverse lane directions, etc. Regardless, the net result is more frequent risk because it puts bicyclists in a position where motorists are not expecting them to be, whether the bicyclist is in the street or on the sidewalk. An example is a motorist making a right turn on red. The motorist is looking primarily to the left for a gap in traffic and may not recognize a bicyclist riding against traffic, either in the street or on the sidewalk.

    The new sign will become more widespread with the installation of new bike lanes in Delaware. Read all about crash factors on Bicyclinginfo.org.

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