• Who Will We Blame This Time?

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    Car Than Struck Kelly Tracey on May 25, 2011


    at Rt. 273 and Brownleaf

    There is no photo of the car that hit and killed Michael Gropp on April 6, 2010. The motorist fled the scene, which was a convenient excuse to lay all the blame for that tragedy on the absent driver. In the accident that severely injured Kelly Tracey on Wednesday, though, the motorist remained at the scene, which means that this time greater feats of contorted reasoning will be required in order to ignore the elephant in the room.


    Improving Nonmotorized Safety and Mobility with Infrastructure at Arterial Road Signalized Intersections

    16 year old killed while crossing Rt.273 on Bike Rt.1

    • Remembering Michael Gropp

    Another Pedestrian Struck at Rt. 273 and Brownleaf Road



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