• "Route 141…is simply a death wish"

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    By Tom Gears

    I am writing this letter in strong support of pushing forward with the planning, engineering, and construction of the Wilmington to New Castle Bicycle Highway. The man-made obstacles of I-95 and I-495 have created a nearly impassable barrier for pedestrian/bicycle traffic to safely move from Wilmington and areas West of Wilmington. From the Prices Corner area a bicyclist has the option of riding into the city on either Kirkwood Highway or Maryland Ave and then out to New Castle on New Castle Ave or risking life and limb by cycling on Route 141 which is simply a death wish. The completed bicycle highway will provide a long awaited safe route for cyclists to travel between the two cities. If the taxpayers can fund roads to every corner of the state it is only fair that we can provide at least a few bicycle routes

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    Phase 1 of the Wilmington-to-New Castle Bicycle Highway

    Read more about the Wilmington-to-New Castle Bicycle Highway HERE.


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    1. Anonymous
      June 22, 2011 at 9:12 am

      Prices Corner to Wilmington…easy. Head West on Centerville Road over Rt48 to next intersection. Turn right on Barley Mill Road and enjoy a quiet ride ending at the crossing over Rt141 at Barley Mill Plaza. Climb the Rt52 exit bike route above Rt141N to Rt52E straight into Wilmington along Pennsylvania Ave (Rt52).
      If you want to save this easy route, work against the rezoning of Barley Mill Plaza to a major shopping mall. Bob Williams

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