• Help IMBA Urge Senator Carper to Support Funding for Biking Programs

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    — By Kristy Kibler

    International Mountain Bicycling Association Government Affairs Coordinator
    Funding for trails, walking and bicycling in America is in serious jeopardy.

    As Congress ramps up efforts to pass a national transportation bill, some senators and representatives are pushing to eliminate the dedicated federal programs that support our nation’s trail, walking and bicycling infrastructure. These programs currently receive less than two cents of every transportation dollar, yet have tremendous impacts on their communities.

    Make no mistake: If we lose this battle, communities all around the country will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to build the trail systems they need.

    Senator Carper of Delaware is on the Environment and Public Works Committee and has made clear that he supports trails, walking and bicycling. Now, his constituents—namely, you—must encourage him to take the next step.

    Please sign your name HERE to the below constituent letter.

    Dear Sen. Carper,

    Thank you for demonstrating your recognition of the tremendous value that federal programs that support trails, walking and bicycling have in my community and others around our state.

    I understand that the Environment and Public Works Committee is negotiating a transportation bill right now. We very much need you to communicate to Chairman Boxer that one of the top transportation priorities for you and your constituents is to uphold core federal programs dedicated to building trail, walking and bicycling infrastructure—in particular, Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and the Recreational Trails Program. These programs save us money, make our communities safer, reduce congestion and improve health.

    Thank You,

    This is one of the biggest fights we have had in years. Your signature is absolutely critical to our success.

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