• News Journal: Protect, Don’t Prosecute, Pedestrians

    by  • August 15, 2011 • Injuries and Fatalities, Transit • 0 Comments

    by David Goldberg

    Communications Director
    Transportation for America
    August 5, 2011

    People across the country were shocked last week to learn that a Georgia pedestrian who did not even own a car could be convicted of vehicular homicide in the death of her 4-year-old son, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

    Her crime? After a long bus trip with her three young children in April 2010, Raquel Nelson did what other bus passengers did that day, and had done so many days before: She attempted to cross the road from the bus stop, which is directly opposite her apartment complex, rather than walk a third of a mile to a traffic light, cross five lanes and walk a third of a mile back, lugging tired children and groceries.

    Read entire article HERE.


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