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    by  • September 8, 2011 • Federal Funding, Walkable Bikeable Delaware • 0 Comments

    The WILMAPCO Council will vote TODAY (Newark, 6:30PM) to approve the FY2012 “TIP” (Transportation Improvement Program) for New Castle County. Among the TIP amendments will be $600,000 for the final phase of the Wilmington-to-New Castle Industrial Track. $480,000 of that $600,000 will be Delaware’s first ever use of federal “CMAQ” funds for a bicycle project.

    How often do we have a chance to thank our government officials for doing a great job? Many of them not only work hard, but also bring dedication and idealism to their work. But they more often hear anger than thanks from the public that they serve. So here’s a chance to praise instead of criticize.

    Plus, maybe they’ll like the praise so much that they’ll want to do more great things for bicycling next year! That’s what’s called a “win-win.”


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