• Case Study: DelDOT’s “Report a Road Condition”

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    A common question asked of Bike Delaware advocates has to do with DelDOT’s response (or lack thereof) to their “Report a Road Condition” on-line form. Off line, Bike Delaware’s success at working with Traffic and Planning on issues of maintenance and design has been quite positive. Among others, we ran a joint campaign for the inspection and repair of faulty red light trip sensors (loop detectors) to ensure bicyclists could actuate the phase change to green. Participants were awestruck at the short time between making contact with DelDOT technicians and actual repairs. This continues today.

    Unfortunately, in the eyes of many Delaware bicyclists and pedestrians, the reliability of the on-line form is questionable. There have been occasions where response times were fair and reasonable, and only a few or even 1 report was necessary. Other situations require multiple reporting, by several folks, sometimes followed up by a phone call or email to Anthony Aglio (Bicycle Coordinator) or an engineer with Traffic, who then goes to bat for us.

    Our most famous example is probably the safest and most popular non-motorized crossing of I95 in New Castle County – Route 72 south of Newark. Along with its multi-use path, the facility has been completely abandoned by DelDOT where scheduled maintenance is concerned. Multiple requests made through the on-line form (and from Anthony himself), it seems, have fallen on deaf ears. It leaves one to question . . . if we can’t even perform the most basic maintenance to the few successful off-road bicycle facilities we have in place now, how and why should we build new ones?

    Slippery mud can easily cause bikes to slide out, crash, and cause pedestrians to slip and fall.

    Overgrowth narrows the approach. It has since grown much worse since the photo was taken.

    Drainage is clearly an issue, and makes an absolute mess of bikes and shoes. Mud continually creeps down from the ballast rock sloped up one side.

    In the interest of safety, Bike Delaware encourages DelDOT to please consider placing (at least) the more significant non-motorized transportation corridors – like this one – on a regular maintenance schedule rather than rely on the pleas of concerned and effected citizens.

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