• BBC: Are bicycles and cars in a war for American streets?

    by  • October 8, 2011 • Traffic Control • 0 Comments

    When New York City installed a bike lane next to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park West, cyclists rejoiced.

    The new lane was placed between parked cars and the sidewalk, providing them a safe place to cycle to and from work. It made it easier to circumvent the park, where cyclists heading towards Manhattan had to fight against the flow of bikes heading in the opposite direction.

    The bike lanes were part of a larger city-wide initiative to increase bike access, one that found 66% support in the city.

    But not everyone was happy with the change. Two groups – Seniors for Safety and Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes – sued to have the Prospect Park lanes removed.

    They claimed that the city forced the lanes on residents, and that the bike lanes blocked traffic, created unsafe environments for pedestrians and were bad for commerce.

    “While bike lanes are a terrific idea and they have a lot of recreational value, they’re just not a reasonable alternative for the overwhelming number of city dwellers,” says James Walden, an attorney representing the two groups.

    A judge recently rejected a suit put forth by the group to remove the lanes. Walden and his clients have filed an appeal. [Continue reading…]

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