• GM to college students: Stop pedaling, start driving

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    General Motors’ latest ad campaign running in college newspapers throughout the country urges students to ‘Stop pedaling…start driving.’

    The newspaper ad features a guy on a bike ashamed that his “reality” involves riding a bike while a cute girl drives by in a car. “Reality Sucks,” says the campaign, “Luckily the GM college discount doesn’t.” GM’s website continues the mockery of active transportation by featuring a woman on the sidewalk being sprayed by a passing GM vehicle. [Continue reading …]

    Posters note: Throughout the earlier part of the 20th century, GM led the campaign to destroy public transportation in America, also known as the “Great American Streetcar Scandal”. The scandel included wholesale buyout and destruction of thousands trolly lines and streetcars, which in turn increased GM’s bottom line by hastening our dependence on automobiles. Over 1,000 miles of track were ripped out in Los Angeles alone.


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