• Build, Link and Develop: Delaware’s Vision

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    Seven Goals of First State Trails and Pathways Plan

    1) Re-establish Delaware in the Top Ten of Bicycling Friendly States.

    2) Build a world-class interconnected, non-motorized trails and pathway network.

    3) Support the creation of local jobs related to bicycling, including construction, maintenance, cycling-related services and eco-tourism.

    4) Link Delaware communities internally to support more sustainable local economies and externally expand the linkages between the state’s neighborhoods, towns and cities.

    5) Develop and implement sustainable practices in the creation of Delaware’s pathway and trails network, such as supporting native landscaping and natural habitats.

    6) Support more healthy communities by providing safe and affordable active transportation choices.

    7) Develop workable strategies for ongoing maintenance and upgrading of existing facilities.

    Read more about the First State Trails and Pathways Plan HERE.


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