• Netherlands proves effectiveness of Mobility Education

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    Mobility education is one way the Netherlands is the safest country in which to travel and commute

    By Steven Can Plan

    What is mobility education?

    It’s an expansion of driver’s education (driver’s ed) to include learning how to bicycle safely, how to walk safely, how to use transit, and how to drive a car around diverse transportation system users (those who aren’t in a car). In the Netherlands, this education starts at 10 and 11 years old. Watch the video here to see how elementary school kids use the “traffic garden” in Utrecht (I went there in January 2011) to learn how to be safe.

    The Netherlands has the lowest crash rate in the world. And the lowest injury and fatality rate. Part of this is based on good design and engineering, but also education, enforcement, and different liability laws.

    [Full article on Steve’s web blog HERE]


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