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    My name is Frank Warnock.  I am a past President and a current member of the board of Bike Delaware.  And I am asking for your support.

    Do you like what you’ve been seeing happen recently in Delaware, including millions for bicycling and a state plan to connect Delaware’s largest cities with pathways?  Bike Delaware has worked hard to help make these commitments happen and we were recently recognized for our work by Advocacy Advance (a partnership between the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking and Walking) with a challenge grant. In their press release, Advocacy Advance (AA) announced the reason for their grant:

    “Bike Delaware advocates recently won $5 million in new dedicated funding for bicycling in Delaware in 2012 – more money than the state has ever allocated in the past. A $10,000 matching grant will help Bike Delaware create a national model to increase state bicycle and pedestrian funding by creating an action plan for state bicyclists, advocating legislation, monitoring and communicating with DelDOT, and tracking progress.”

    In the entire country, we were the only state advocacy group to receive an AA grant in 2011. And the grant award refers to our advocacy efforts as a “national model”. So our unprecedented success in Delaware this year, if sustained, could influence the efforts of state advocates working all around the country who will be able to look to Delaware for inspiration and ideas for bicycle advocacy.

    How can you help?

    The best way to help is to volunteer.  We are a volunteer-driven organization and we always need folks who have time to give.  But we also need financial support.  Bike Delaware doesn’t have any corporate sponsors or nice government contracts.  All we do is advocacy for more and safer walking and bicycling. To keep doing that, we need people who believe in what we’re doing and are willing to invest in uswith Advocacy Advance immediately doubling your investment:

    • Please don’t hesitate to contact me personally either by email (frank at bikede dot org) or at 722-4591, x5.
    • Make an Advocacy Advance challenge grant matching gift now.
    • Forward this post to others for consideration.
    • Volunteer – bring your ideas to Bike Delaware and help implement.
    • Take this article to your employer or other company who might have a sponsorship interest.

    If you like what you’ve seen in 2011 and would like to see more in 2012, we need your help.

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