• Blocking of Hall Trail continues at Newark History Museum

    by  • November 10, 2011 • Transportation Trails • 0 Comments

    Cars and trucks sometimes park directly over the Hall Trail in Newark, in front of the former Railroad Station that is now the Newark History Museum. Bike Delaware has notified the city in the past, and they recently responded by refreshing the white edge line but it is unlikely that that will be effective. The path in front of the Museum needs physical delineation, using either bollards or duckies (orange flexible posts). A lesser, but still effective solution might be painting the path a different color, such as green or blue, or seal coating it black – anything to help it stand out as off limits to motor vehicles.

    Is there somebody in the City of Newark Administration with both the interest and the authority who could make this very small expenditure to protect one of the crown jewels of Newark, the Hall Trail?

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