• AAA Study Says Motor Vehicle Crashes Cost U.S. $300 Billion Every Year

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    In a new report of the cost to the nation of motor vehicle crashes, AAA found that traffic crashes in 99 urban areas cost $299.5 billion in 2009. AAA based its estimates on Federal Highway Administration data that place dollar values on 11 components:

    1) property damage

    2) lost earnings

    3) loss of household activities

    4) medical costs

    5) emergency services

    6) travel delays

    7) vocational rehabilitation

    8) lost time at work

    9) administrative costs

    10) legal costs

    11) pain and lost quality of life.

    Based on the yearly $300 billion dollar price tag, AAA recommends additional investment in road safety, including

    • cable barriers along medians to prevent crossover accidents

    • modernized roundabouts and

    • rumble strips

    Read article in USA Today on AAA study>>


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