• One Response to “Build it and they will come” proven by the Dutch

    1. Alex Durnan
      January 19, 2012 at 12:51 am

      Awesome! I have a great respect for the Dutch. Lets see if we fit the formula: 1) Cities that could not cope with traffic – I’d say yes, but in smaller cities its less obvious. The Dutch have a much smaller country and a much more centralized population. These factors make a big diference. 2) Very high number of casualties – Yes, but I’d need to see statistics in comparison. 3) Oil crisis and ecomonic crisis- yes absolutley! However in our political climate the answer to the latter seems to be less public spending rather than more. Our answer to the former is sadly usually war coupled with mining for oil in ecologically sensitive areas. 4) A will to change – This is the biggest question of all, and the answer is still being decided. I am hopeful for the future though, and there seems to be more strong movement in this direction than in years past. This organization and what it has accomplshed thus far is proof of that.

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