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    U.S. Traffic Accident Fatalities, 2001-2009 —

    Cross-posted from Out of the Crooked Timber — From ITO comes this very nice—and very sobering—map of road accident fatalities in the United States between 2001 and 2009. As someone who wrote a book about blood and organ donation in Europe and the United States, I’ve spent time analyzing NHTSA data on traffic accidents. I remember that, during Q&As at talks, people were often surprised to learn just how many road deaths there are in the U.S: about forty thousand per annum (though 2009 saw a very sharp drop, interestingly). [Continue reading…]

    Above: Crashes like this are a regular feature in the Wilmington News Journal. Bicyclists suffer about 10 times (1000%) the fatality rate for the occupants of cars and small trucks per mile.

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