• Bike Lodging at The Bike Boutique Offers a Solution to Commuter Woes

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    By Amy Wilburn — Tired of congestion and the high cost of parking?  Do you work in Wilmington and wish that you could commute by bike?  Are you wondering where to find secure bike parking or how to get by without taking a shower?  Is inconvenience holding you back?  There’s a solution, and it’s just around the corner: The Bike Boutique, located in downtown Wilmington in the Nemours Building on Orange Street between 10th and 11th (map).  Among other services, TBB offers bike lodging.  That’s “daycare” for your bicycle and a shower for you.  TBB is a full service retail bike shop that sells a range of merchandise, and offers bicycle repair, spinning classes and bike lodging.  It’s open on weekdays from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM.  For $59.95 a year (that’s right, for a full year), you can use the bike lodging as often as you like.  You drop your bike off for the day and take a shower at neighboring Plexus.  Plexus even provides towels, wash cloths, soap and shampoo.  You can also have your bike repaired or tuned up while you’re at work (you have to pay extra for this, of course, but the convenience is priceless).   Need a new rear light?  You can buy it when you pick up your bike at the end of the day.

    I’ve been using bike lodging at The Bike Boutique since July of 2010, and I highly recommend this service.  Before July of 2010, I did commute by bike, but far less often.  The inconvenience of parking my bike and the unpleasant feeling of spending the day without a shower, especially in the summer, were definitely deterrents.  No longer.  Now I leave my bicycle at TBB and walk five blocks to my job.  I also want to mention that owner Randy and mechanic John are friendly and helpful.  John is a highly skilled mechanic who has fixed my bike and offered useful advice on all things bike related, from repairs to merchandise to knee pain.  And while we’re at it, TBB, our first “silver” LAB bike friendly business, deserves our support.  In case you were wondering, the phone number is 302-543-4536.   So if you work in Wilmington, give it a try.  What are ya waiting for?

    Amy Wilburn is Chair of the Delaware Bicycle Council.


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