• NYTimes: Paved, But Still Alive

    by  • January 9, 2012 • Land Use • 0 Comments

    A huge issue cited in the New Castle County Comprehensive Plan, yet sprawl of this nature continues unabated.

    By As the critic Lewis Mumford wrote half a century ago, “The right to have access to every building in the city by private motorcar in an age when everyone possesses such a vehicle is the right to destroy the city.” Yet we continue to produce parking lots, in cities as well as in suburbs, in the same way we consume all those billions of plastic bottles of water and disposable diapers.

    What to do?

    For starters we ought to take these lots more seriously, architecturally. Many architects and urban planners don’t. Beyond greener designs and the occasional celebrity-architect garage, we need to think more about these lots as public spaces, as part of the infrastructure of our streets and sidewalks, places for various activities that may change and evolve, because not all good architecture is permanent.  [Full article …]

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