• Everyone benefits from on-street bike parking

    by  • January 25, 2012 • Bike Parking • 0 Comments

    This film is self-explanatory when it comes to the benefits of on-street bike parking. Not only does it provide equal level of service for bicyclists, but can also increase safety for pedestrians by putting bicycles on the street where they belong. Drivers also benefit from the increased visibility that comes with fewer cars parked near intersections. The video below by Streetfilms shows exactly how they work and why they are the ultimate choice.

    Will cities and towns in Delaware, especially Newark with its large student population and high modeshare (and Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community award) ever buy in to this concept? Or will they continue to prioritize parking for 1 car (usually with 1 occupant) over parking for as many as 12, and build multi-million dollar parking garages instead?

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