• An in depth look at cycling mirrors

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    Excellent analysis found in Icebike.org –

    Cycling mirrors are one of those subjects that bring on arguments almost as intense as the “Helmet Wars” found on any cycling discussion on the Internet. They come around once every 6 months or so, and usually leave a lot of acrimony hanging in the ether. Roadies think they are too sexy to use mirrors, mountain bikers don’t need them and break them too often anyway, but bicycle commuters and recumbent riders seem to gravitate toward mirrors sooner or later.

    So if you are not disposed to reading the ranting of a mirror advocate it is time to click another link and surf to some area of agreement. This page is for mirror users or those investigating various types of mirrors in anticipation of a purchase. [Continue reading…]

    Above:  Taking it to the max with dual mirrors!

    Above:  The author’s personal favorite is the “Take a Look” stainless steel and brass mirror mounted inside the helmet. A flexible plastic adapter kit is available for the purpose, and can be custom shaped to fit the curvature of the helmet’s interior.

    Above:  A closer look at the adapter without the mirror attached. The mirror can be removed at any time, i.e. if the helmet will be tossed around, thrown in a bag, etc.

    Above:  A view from the side. Mount the adapter so that the mirror itself is about .75″ to 1″ from the forward edge of the helmet.

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