• WNJ Letter: Reckless cyclists cause a hazard to other cars

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    I am all for a healthy lifestyle and or “going green.” I admire and am somewhat jealous of people who have the ability to bike to work.

    Delaware’s Department of Transportion does a great job maintaining bike lanes on our roads. Bikers should use them when available and not bike in the street with traffic..

    So to whomever the biker is on Naamans Road during the weekdays and rush hour traffic, please utilize the bike lanes and not bike in the road with traffic.  [Full story…]

    Poster’s note:  Those familiar with this area can reply to this letter HERE, and/or with an email to letters@delawareonline.com. Make sure to include your full time contact info for verification.


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    2 Responses to WNJ Letter: Reckless cyclists cause a hazard to other cars

    1. Chris Junk
      February 27, 2012 at 11:08 am

      I’m split on this topic. I’ve ridden on Naaman’s before, and I generally stick to the bike lane which, as the reader states, is large enough to accommodate a bike. What I didn’t like about this article was the implied message that bikes don’t have a legal right (or shouldn’t exert it?) to be in the lane of traffic when cars are around. I guess this goes back to the debate a week or two ago following the post about right-turn-only lanes…

      It would be nice to see a response to the letter writer reminding him that even if there is a bike lane available, bikes can still choose to exercise their rights and take a lane. I’ve not sure drivers are aware of this.

      I had a near miss with a driver while riding my bike on Silverside toward the intersection with Marsh a few week ago where he pulled out in front of me as I was in the left turn lane ready to make a left turn. I urged him to roll down his window after the near miss, and the first thing he said to me was, “Isn’t there a bike lane?” I told him I was IN the bike lane (i.e. legally putting myself in the middle of the left turn lane) but I don’t think he got it. I think this speaks to the common driver attitude that the presence of bike lanes means they shouldn’t have to deal with bikes in THEIR lanes of traffic.

      The other time I’ve encountered this aggressive driver behavior is when I take the right lane (which is straight / right turn) as I go straight through an intersection in an effort to avoid being right-hooked. I don’t see the point of having a painted bike lane that just ends at the intersection and puts the rider in a perfect position to be splatted by a right-turning driver, yet that is what the painted bike lane seems to suggest. Heading North on Marsh road through the intersection with Silverside is a perfect example of this.

      C’mon, let’s get some sharrows!

      Chris J.

      • Frank Warnock
        February 27, 2012 at 11:31 am

        Hopefully the sharrows are coming, Chris. The research proposal to validate their use in the left-most portion of the right turn only lane is being developed with UD as we write.

        Unfortunately, any idiot can drive in the US. Expecting you to be in the bike lane during a left turn? Properly designed, the bike lane/shoulder edge line should break or dash at the onset of the right turn-only lane (or prior to the intersection in the case of a straight-right turn as you suggest). Again, this should occur in the left-most portion of the rtol to a) encourage riders over there, and b) educate drivers to expect us there. While rare, there are a few examples of this out there. One is northbound Bus. 896 (aka Glasgow Ave) going into Route 40.

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