• DelDOT slowly retiring “Share the Road”

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    It seems lately that the secondary “Share the Road” tag (typically placed below the bicycle insignia sign) is being left out, or gone missing on new and old sign installations alike. A call to Anthony Aglio, our trusted DelDOT Bicycle Coordinator, explains why:

    “I have been making this request for some time and [the Traffic Dept] agrees. Most drivers misinterpret the “Share the Road Element” and technically, the signs w/o the STR also indicates that cyclists may be crossing or entering the road along these corridors.”

    There have been some very compelling arguments against STR in recent years. Among them is the attitude that every road or path user is an owner, and that they’re having to give something up. Many advocates would like to change this from “What am I giving up?” to “What do we need to do to reduce conflicts and improve safety,” with an emphasis on the “we.” And as Anthony suggests above, there have been several incidents where the motorist believed that the “share” part was exclusive to bicyclists.

    In the words of Bike Delaware’s Executive Director James Wilson, “If this is true, we sayit’s about time” and “good riddance.”

    Above: Polly Drummond Road, Pike Creek. This is more like it. Bicycles are present. Period. End of interpretation.

    The real deal. We look forward to these – perhaps in conjunction with sharrow markings and traffic calming.


    “Share the Road”?

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    6 Responses to DelDOT slowly retiring “Share the Road”

    1. brian
      March 3, 2012 at 6:18 am

      I believe with the repaving of Silverside over the summer new signs went up with STR… When I was out last week, I saw two of them that I don’t remember being there.

    2. Stephen Bertolini
      March 8, 2012 at 10:38 am

      Brian, Frank,

      Yes, DelDOT changed the striping on Silverside and added two more STR signs in locations where the bike lane is newly painted to the curb.

      Silverside used to have narrow bike lanes that were striped to the curb at Kingman Drive to make room for a left turn lane for vehicles turning into Chalfont. There were 2 STR signs, 1 in each direction where the bike lanes were painted to the curb.

      With the new pavement, the bike lane feels a little wider in most places, but it is now striped to the curb in 2 more locations. DelDOT added a new RTOL lane at the Medical Clinic (2700 Silverside). The bike lane is now painted to the curb at the clinic and also eastbound at Foulk Road. These new locations have the rapid striping to the curb in your 3rd photo from your 2/9/12 post, not the gradual painting of the bike lane to the gutter pan like your 1st 2/9 photo, Silverside and Kingman, or the Augustine cutoff at Park Drive.

      Motorists recognized bicyclists riding in front of them, but a few have told me that the bicycle on the STR sign meant I was supposed to share (give the lane to cars) or I might get run over. If DelDOT believes national guidelines for sharrows or “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” clarify bicyclists’s right of way too explicitly (additional restrictions in Delaware to locations without parking and state bike routes respectively), removing the STR sign from these locations might help.

    3. Alex Durnan
      October 4, 2013 at 4:45 am

      There’s an STR sign below a bike sign on Faulkland Road westbound just past 141 (by Ferris School) just about where the pocket lane (thanks Del Dot!) ends. I must have ridden this road 1000 times but just really noticed the outdated sign tonight. If anybody sees this and can do something to change it, please do so. Thanks!

    4. Stephen Bertolini?)
      November 8, 2013 at 12:49 pm

      Hi Alex,

      I saw your recent comment. I’ve seen 10-12 of these signs added in North Wilmington (mostly around Silverside road, but also Marsh Rd and Talley Road, that have been added in the last year since STR was being “slowly” retired (i.e. additions are slowing

    5. Stephen Bertolini`
      November 8, 2013 at 12:59 pm

      Trying to type

      Hi Alex,

      I’ve seen 10-12 of these new STR signs added in North Wilmington since this post. Most of the ones I’ve seen are or or near Silverside road (with Marsh Road & Talley Road also showing new signs); it looks like you’ve found another new one.

      While I see the 11/04 posting that DelDOT has finally decided to stop adding new signs, I haven’t heard anything about remoiving the new signs added since this post, or any approvals for the “Bikes May Use Full Lane” in the heading for the 11/04/13 post. (Delaware imposes more restrictions than the MUTCD, so it will be interesting to see if DelDOT considers any locations suitable.)

      If you do hear of any way to have them removed, I’d be interested. I suspect DelDOT may not be sympathetic to the STR portions being removed by others, even if they don’t seem to conform to current guidelines.

    6. March 6, 2016 at 9:55 pm

      STR was very important for governments to declare they recognize cycling as legitimate vehicles. STR is/was a direct order. However STR works both ways. Now, in 20164-16 things have developed into the new sign: Take “Share the Road”, remove the “e” from the word Share and add “ing” to make it a contemporary statement.

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