• $600+ Million for Route 301 while VMT declines?

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    As the Economy Grows and Adds Jobs, Americans Keep Driving Less

    By Angie Schmitt
    Driving is on the decline – even as the economy grows.

    You can see in the above chart, created by analyst Doug Short and brought to our attention by Jonathan Maus at BikePortland, America’s shrinking appetite for car travel is outlasting the recession. As the Center for Clean Air Policy pointed out in a 2011 report, the U.S. economy is increasingly “decoupled” from how much Americans drive.

    Adjusting for changes in population, the amount of driving on American roads has fallen to 1999 levels. The sustained decline in driving during a period of economic growth is unprecedented in the 41-year period tracked by Short.  [Continue reading …]

    Poster’s note:  In the context of declining VMT, is spending $600M on US 301 still a compelling transportation investment?

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