• Letter: Repairs more important than adding bike trails

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    Found in the Wilmington News Journal –

    Congratulations to State Representatives Helene Keeley and John Viola. (“Line item raises eyebrows,” Friday) It’s a shame more of our representatives don’t put their foot down and say enough of spending on projects we do not need.

    Dam and dike repairs are more important for Delaware residents than more bike trails. Does Gov. Jack Markell know how many bike trails we have already in Delaware? I’ll name some in case he doesn’t: Battery Park, Delcastle, Glasgow Park, Cape Henlopen State Park and the trail from Lewes to Rehoboth.

    This is what Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Collin O’Mara calls “No Child Left Inside.” Is his department going to go to pick up these children and take them to ride their bikes? I guess parents don’t have to do anything for their children anymore, so the government will do it for them.

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    Poster’s note:  Way to go, Ms Champlin. Let’s keep obesity, congestion, greenhouse gas emmissions, and all manner of death and destruction associated automobile use on the rise.  Our kids and future generations will surely thank you for having to rely 99% on cars and $4/gal gas, even for a 5 minute ride to Glasgow Park and others like it which are completely disconnected from area neighborhoods.

    Letters in reponse can be written and submitted to Delaware On-Line HERE. CC to: letters@delawareonline.com will further its chances. Be sure to include your full time contact info.

    Visit Rails to Trails Conservancy’s “Economic Benefits of Trails and Greenways” for an abundance of talking points.

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    1. Marcella
      March 17, 2012 at 10:23 am

      I sent this to the Journal as a response:

      This is a response to the letter expressing disgust with the bike trails being created under the “No Child Left Inside” initiative from Mary Champlin, Lewes. She felt the trails were not needed and that the government was trying to tell parents how to raise their kids by investing money in them. I feel that she missed the point on the purpose of those projects as they are intended for all ages, not just kids. The point of these projects (bicycle & pedestrian improvements) is so that future generations don’t have to rely on just cars (even for short trips) because the roads are too dangerous to bicycle or walk. A perfect example of what these projects are trying to correct is Route 13 in Dover. There are probably tons of people that live close enough to walk/bike to those stores and restaurants but they would be taking their life in their hands because the roads were designed for cars only with very little thought for anyone trying to walk alongside the road or cross the street. This is a real shame and anything the government does to improve these situations I fully support.

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